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Cold Weather and Your Fur Kid: What You Should Know

Riley here!

Looking after your fur kid as the season temperatures change can be a challenge. In Winter there are many things you need to consider such as:

  . How long can your fur kid be outside in cold weather?

  . Do they need a coat or sweater?

  . Will they need boots?

  . Can your fur kid get colds?

The breed of your fur kid will play a part in answering some of these questions but all can be answered by talking to your Vet, Groomer and even the staff at the pet store you purchase your food, collars, leashes and toys, don’t forget the toys!

I have been enjoying winter so far this year, right up until last week when the snow and cold came.

My Mamma and Dad say that if its cold enough for them to wear coats and boots, then the same goes for me.

The boots I wear are made by Paw Tracks Pet Gear.  I will put a link below where you can purchase them.

They are the best. Some fur kids would say they are too good. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do they never fall off.

I don’t like having them put on and I drag my paws every time.  I guess, I really do need them because otherwise my paws get full of ice balls and I hate that!

Then there is the 100 lb. coat, at least that is what Mamma and Dad call it.  I guess because of the way I react when they put it on.

Because I keep my hair cut short, I guess I see the purpose, just don’t tell Mamma I said that.

Mamma says I am a drama hound! I put up quite the fuss and then the minute I get outside I forget they are even on!

Anyway, there are lots of articles on the Google about this subject but with everything you find on the internet I recommend getting input from the professionals who already know your fur kid like your vet and groomer.

I hope you found this information helpful.

Find the Paw-fect Boots here: 


Keep your fur kids warm,


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