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Health and Wellness Tips for Your Fur Kid

     Riley here!  

Happy New Year to all!

January is usually when our human family members start new habits like exercising more, eating better, or, generally taking better care of themselves.


It is a good idea to include your fur kids in these new healthy habits.

Communicating with our Families can sometimes be a real challenge for us fur kids. Especially, when it comes to health issues.

We can’t speak human to let our families know when we are starting to feel unwell.  Our families have to rely on symptoms we display such as:

                              . Loss of appetite

                              . Not wanting to drink water

                              . Low energy

                              . Incessant licking

                              . Shaking our heads

  Often, by the time these symptoms show up we end up with a visit to the Vet. Now if your fur kids are like me, I dread going to the Vet. I am sure they are all nice people but, I wouldn’t really know because I turn into a spaz the minute we walk in the door.    

  There are things you can do in-between Vet visits to ensure little issues don’t turn into big problems.                        

  My Mamma found an article on the Google by Purina it gives you a list of things for you to check on your fur kids on a regular basis to make sure they are doing well. This article was for fur kids like me: dogs, but I am sure you could talk to your Vet for whatever type of pet you have even a Cat. Woof! Sorry about that, Mamma says I have cat and squirrel issues.

  It is always best to do your own research with anything you find on the Google.

 I think this checklist is a great idea especially for those who have not started a wellness plan for their fur kids or pets but also for Families who already have a plan in place for it is a good read to see if they mentioned any new areas to keep an eye on. It would also be a good idea to talk to your Vet and professional groomer about what they would recommend to personalize your wellness checklist.

  I hope you have found this information helpful and I will leave the link to the full article below.


Until I Paws for thought again,


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