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How to Save Money on Your Dog License

Riley here!

I thought I would just remind everyone to get your fur kids’ licenses before the end of January.

Many cities and towns offer a discount if you register or renew before the end of January.

It is important to get your license for two reasons:

  • If your fur kid ever becomes lost this may help to get them safely back home.
  • In most larger centers, by law you have to have one.

I myself do not like the jingle of my tags so Mamma and Dad got me a Tag Bag, made by Paw Tracks Pet Gear.

This is a fantastic product and has several uses:

. It keeps the tags quiet.

. It prevents the tags from wearing out when they rub together.

. It protects our coats from the staining by the cheap metal they    use for most license tags.

I will leave a link below where you can purchase the Tag Bag.

Hope you found this information helpful.

Ps. They also make a deluxe version called a Tag Wallet!!



Tag Bags: https://www.pawtrackspetgear.com/collections/frontpage/products/tag-bag-black


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