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Hurray! January Is “Walk Your Dog” Month

Riley here!

  I had the most amazing news today; January is “Walk Your Dog” Month! This is now my new favorite month! 

 I love to walk. Most fur kids do well, there are exceptions, but I can’t imagine anything better.

  I let my Mamma and Dad know very vocally how much I love my walks. I also run around grabbing every toy I have. I FLING THEM ONE BY ONE IN THE AIR, AND THEN GRAB ANOTHER, SCOOT AROUND THE COUCH, GRAB ….  sorry I do tend to get carried away, but I did mention how much I love my walks.

  Exercise is very important for your fur kid. Not only for physical health but also for mental health as well. We need that stimulation and getting out to explore our neighborhood is very exciting.

When I go for my walks my Mamma and Dad use a product made by our manufacturing company, Paw Tracks Pet Gear called a Hands-Free Waist Belt which they wear around their waist. It has a spring-snap on it and it clips to the handle of my leash. This allows them to have both hands free to work the poop bag… enough said.  Now they don’t have to worry about where I am because I am safely attached to the Hands-Free Waist Belt at all times.

I will put a link below to the Paw Tracks Pet Gear online store where the above products can be purchased.

You can also visit our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIPYD1nTdId8BiJrDx_YXg/featured

Get out there and celebrate January’s theme with your fur kids and go for a walk!

Hope you found this information helpful.

Until I Paws for Thought again,


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