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Keep Them Smiling with Good Dental Hygiene

Riley here!

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health month?
Your furkids need daily dental hygiene just like their human family members. And just like our human family members, some furkids have more problems with their teeth than others.

Mamma says I am one of those.
There are so many products out there for us furkids to help keep our teeth clean from tartar build up. They include:
. Dental chew bones
. Other bones we can chew.
. Liquids you put in the water bowl.
. Toothbrushes
. Canine Toothpaste
These are just a few.
As always check with the pet experts in your furkids’ life so they can help you make the best choices for them.
Whatever you choose it should be used in conjunction with regular Vet checks and possible teeth cleanings.
Failing to keep your Furkids’ teeth clean can lead to other health problems so don’t let this go unchecked.
I hope you found this information helpful.

Keep you Fur Kids’ Smiling!


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